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AVG Internet Security is a n antivirus that offers total protection against any threat coming from the Internet, such aas identity theft, SPAM, virus or dangerous websites. This antivirus is composed by several protection tools including:

· Identity protection, that protects you while doing any bank transaction, buying online or when you use the credit card.
· Online Shield, that powers up the security in social networks, chats and file downloads.
· Anti-Spam. It keeps our inbox safe and free of SPAM and dangerous e-mails.
· Anti-virus and Anti-spyware, protects against the most common and dangerous threats.
· Firewall will make you sure that nobody access your information nor your computer without your permission.

Although it includes many applications, it's not difficult to use because they are housed in an intuitive interface divided in tabs that gives you easy access to any of them. Finally, it takes a short time to scan all your computer, something good, specially when we are running it in the background. In short, AVG Internet Security is total protection for your computer.
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